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Visa Interview

Visa process is the most formidable part for students. Lack of proper information and incorrect supervision by inexperienced agents cause students to lose the opportunity of getting the visa even they have admission and every thing on hand.
At SIEC, we ensure student visa success and with our professional approach and direction chance of visa improve significantly and it become possible for student to reach their dream study destination.

Our extensive network of branches and every increasing experience provide us latest information on,

  • Accurate visa application procedures
  • Relevant and important documents required for visa interview
  • Guidance on providing sufficient financial documentation
  • Interview preparation through several mock interview sessions
  • Expected questions and suitable answers to satisfy visa officer

At SIEC, our mission is simply making you achieve your goal of studying abroad!

At SIEC, our dedicated team provide all the required information to face the ‘visa interview’ at the UK or US Consulate. In addition to providing information our mock interview sessions help student to address nervousness. At first, we carefully assess the background of the applicant and then determine strong and weak areas. Based on this first-hand information, our counselors will suggest appropriate answers and responses for given questions and situations.

With this specialized and adapted preparation, facing the interview for visa will become easier for you since you will be fully confident of what to do or not to do and how to tackle difficult questions and situations.

Proper planning, self-confidence, preparation and good presentation are the key aspects to succeed in the visa interview. SIEC makes sure that you, the applicant, are fully prepared to handle all these aspects successfully and get the coveted Student Visa for UK or USA.

See the following YouTube links that show examples of two students’ mock credibility interviews carried out by INTO.
They were also with 2 Chinese students both with GOOD ENGLISH. Note these interviews were also for DIPLOMA courses:

  • Student who is well prepared for the credibility interview: Watch Here
  • Student who is NOT well prepared for the Home Office Credibility interview Watch Here