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Student Visas

Opportunities to study abroad in developed countries like as USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Malaysia etc are abundant which not only enrich you intellectually that will fetch you a higher standard of living. Students strive to reach the shores of countries that are well known for their educational institutions and universities.

They seek to study in the best universities of the world however choosing what is best for you and where. Beside this complications include factors like;

  • Necessary documentation requirements are there for issuing of visa
  • The visa process adheres to certain visa guidelines laid down by a respective country
  • One has to acquire all related information pertaining to visa processing so that one does not miss out on any related documentation that could delay the visa process

To resolve all issues pertaining to documentation and procedure it would be better to approach SIEC to seek necessary guidance and advice Free of cost.
Our counselors use personal interviews, counseling sessions, interest and aptitude assessment tests to evaluate and advise students and utilize this data to create a multi-year strategic plan which includes calendars for testing, recommendations for coursework, activities, summer experiences, community service and internships.
Regarding the university application process, the counselor will identify any “Red Flags” (problems, omissions, inconsistencies, unanswered questions, etc.) and will advise if the application is ready for submission to a particular university.

  • Student profile analysis and career counseling.
  • Enhanced Admission chances with world leading universities
  • Comprehensive University Admissions Advisory
  • Course and University Fitment Analysis leading to career discovery
  • University Application Review, Assessment and Submission
  • Admissions Essay Writing and Interviewing advise
  • Academic Resume Techniques
  • Loan facilitation to meet financial requirements
  • Tie up with key Foreign Universities for swift admission
  • Keeping up-to-date on scholarships, admission closures etc.
  • Counseling and advisory from experienced professionals
  • Facilitating end to end admission process

Value Added Services of SIEC Education

  • Assistance in visa processing & travel arrangements
  • Assistance in verification, translation and attestation of documents
  • Assistance in tuition fee payments and refunds
  • Assistance in Initial boarding and lodging
  • Assistance in availing scholarships and fee discounts