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Pathway Programs

Pathway programs are specifically designed for International students designed for Guaranteed Admission in TOP Universities upon successful completion of your pathways course to the required level. Salient features include:

  • Multiple admission intake in year
  • Admissions route for low academic percentage student
  • Highest level of personal care and support to students
  • Small class size and individual learning support
  • Access to first-class university facilities
  • Programs for Matric/O-Level/As Level to start university study and save academic year
  • Enabling admission for student which fail to match entry criteria
  • Wide range of academic programs including diplomas, foundation certificates or pre- masters Friendly environment and to help improve your skills in problem areas.
  • High level of academic support
  • Exceptional student support for non-academic matters
  • Comprehensive subject-based knowledge
  • English language skills nourishment
  • Leisure facilities during their university pathways course
  • Highest standards of teaching by university staff
  • Comfortable accommodation

University Pathway programs

Study Group

Study Group

Enabling growing number of international students to access to leading international universities.
Basically specializing in courses aimed at preparing international students for university-level education and the teaching of English to international students. Provide entry pathway to world’s

Foundation Studies gives international students the opportunity to study a pre-university year within a fully-accredited specialist program as the first step to completing tertiary studies and enable student to apply a broad range of specialized knowledge and skills in varied. Study group provide following pathway programs in each country.


Study Group Institutions in Australia

Study Group Institutions in Canada

Study Group Institutions in Ireland

Study Group Institutions in Netherlands
Progression from the International Foundation Year:

Progression from the English Foundation Programme

Progression from the English Pre-Masters Programme

Study Group Institutions in New Zealand

Study Group Institutions in United Kingdom

Study Group Institutions in United States



The combination of on-campus university study, but in smaller classes and with more contact time with teachers and lecturers, modern study facilities, flexible entry dates, students can choose when they want to start their program and this make make Navitas programs a wonderful study option for international students.

Student have a choice of exciting, friendly, multicultural destinations for their study – from the beaches and rainforests of Australia, to the mountains and lakes of Vancouver, or the cultural heritage of England., is predicted to be hugely popular in the USA.

For international students, there is arguably no better pathway to academic success than taking a Navitas 1st year university program.



Navitas Institutions in Australia

australia NAVITAS

Navitas Institutions in USA


Navitas Institutions in UK


Navitas Institutions in Canada


Navitas Institutions in New Zealand

Navitas Institutions in Singapore



Provides an exceptional educational experience to help students succeed in a fast-moving, globally competitive world by bringing ambitious international students and leading universities together. INTO offers international students the opportunity to fulfil their educational goals and achieve academic success at a world-class universities in UK, USA an China for higher quality standards of preparation for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the UK, US and China.

A range of generous scholarships for international students from all over the world also create real opportunities for international students to succeed. With major independent investment, INTO Centres deliver a world-class educational and cultural experience for international students, with fast, effective and assured progression to university degree courses, creating an unforgettable student experience.

INTO Institutions in UK

INTO Institutions in USA


Cambridge Education Group

Cambridge Education Group

Oldest and one of the fastest growing independent education providers in the world, Cambridge Education Group (CEG) has been delivering the highest quality academic, creative and English Language programmes, preparing thousands of students to progress onto the world’s leading universities since 1952.

CEG promises excellent teaching, premium facilities and the personal service students demand and ensure their happiness both personally and academically through regular Personal Tutor sessions with an extensive support network is key. CEG teaches its students to work hard and smart with Higher Education advice on the best degree or university for each individual.

CEG Institutions in UK


CEG Institutions in USA

CEG Institutions in Netherland