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Frequently Asked Questions



Why should I hire SIEC as an education consultant for my admission and visa?
Visa rules changes frequently and we do not charge for admission and help student to get application fee waiver, swift admission, ease in visa process. Foreign universities also recommend students to use qualified consultant. Visa fee are also very high for UK, Australia or process of visa consume so much time that in case of refusal due to any minor mistake can cause all your study plan to be delayed for whole academic year.

What Is SIEC Education?
Spirit of International Education and Careers (SIEC) is a one of the leading and famous education consultant companies representing top universities of UK, USA, Australia, Canada etc. Every year SIEC is assisting hundreds of students for admission and visa purpose through it’s highly trained and dedicated staff. SIEC helps you in every situation.

How SIEC help student.
SIEC is a one-stop service provider that processes applications for all the universities that matches your profile and always ensures that the institutions you have applied are reputed and accredited. Click here for more information on Why SIEC.
Is SIEC an accredited company? SIEC has the following certifications/affiliations that demonstrates its professionalism. :

  • Education UK Certificate for Agents – British Council
  • AIRC Certified Consultant-USA
  • New Zealand specialist Agent
  • Singapore Education Specialist
  • ICEF Agency Citification
  • AAERI – (Association of Australian Education Representatives in Pakistan)

What are the services that SIEC offers for me?
SIEC serves several services to the students in various factors, which includes:

  • Career counseling
  • Selection of Course, University & Country
  • Admission Formalities
  • Registration for TOEFL
  • Registration for IELTS
  • Visa Assistance
  • Bank Loans
  • Value-Add Service such as Insurance, Mobile connection, Foreign Exchange, Ticketing etc.
  • Pre-departure briefing
  • Post departure Services

How does SIEC make my visa processing easy?
Once students come to SIEC, they need not worry about anything else and all their needs are looked after professionally. SIEC processes applications for many Universities and Colleges as a single window service that best suit to your profile. We have dedicated visa processing managers who carefully handles each visa application.

Why should I register online?
SIEC student login provides online access to the details and information that you require right from the day of your first contact with SIEC to the pre-departure stage where you actually prepare yourself to leave to your dream destination and explore your new horizons.

What all do I receive from SIEC student login?
SIEC student login gives you access to the following proceedings:

  • View and update your postal address.
  • View your application status.
  • Use document store feature for a life time to manage your important academic and other relevant documents.
  • Request for information on any stage of your application
  • You can upload and send your academic, personal, financial documents through manage my documents feature.
  • View and confirm your course enrolment details.
  • View and print all the communication that we provide through your login id.
  • To manage your privilege account.
  • And many more…

How to register online for SIEC Student Login?
Online registration of SIEC student login is very easy. You just have to provide some general information about yourself and start accessing our services. For more convenience you can look at the Sneak Preview in the website.
Does SIEC provide discussion forums to the students? There are several discussion forums joined by hundreds of SIEC students belonging to different communities. They discuss about various academic programs and about the country overviews of their study destinations.

I am not a resident of city where SIEC offices are located, can I still apply?
Yes, you can take advantage of our services from any part of the world. SIEC facilitates through it’s online servicing system.



What are the major intakes for education?
For Australia, the main intake is in February, some programs commence from July & November. For other countries September is major intake and January for some universities. However very limited universities offer four intakes in a year. Ask us for details.

How to manage accommodation abroad?
Accommodation is guaranteed for all international students by universities. You can ask us for prior booking.

What are the criteria for issuance of visa generally?
The major criteria for the issuance of Student Visa are financial capability of student, overall academic record, English proficiency, post study plans and interview in some cases.

How do I get a refund of my tuition fee deposit if my visa is rejected?
It is refunded if the student shows the letter of rejection of student visa issued and in most cases the University refunds the deposit within a period of 2 to 6 weeks.

What is a conditional and unconditional letter of offer?
Unconditional Offer means student will not have to meet any further academic or English language requirements and conditional officer apply to provide further requirement toward your offer.

Should I have to undergo any medical test before applying visa?
Generally UK require T.B Test report with visa application submission and for other countries Medical report is required during the visa process. Ask us for specific details.

Who can be the sponsor for my education abroad?
For UK, only applicant and parents are allowed to show funds. For Australia & NZ, siblings, parents, grand parents and uncle/aunt living in Australia or NZ can sponsor. For other countries blood relatives are highly recommended but are other relatives can sponsor too.

How much is bank statement required for study visa?
It depends of cost of the course and living expense. Different countries has different fee ranges in different universities. Beside that some countries require only first year living expenses to be shown in account other require for whole course. Duration of funds available in account also very so please contact us for exact and up to date information.

Are there any scholarships available?
There are different types of scholarships available worldwide. We have also agreements with some institutes who give part scholarships and fee discounts. Please contact our office to know completely about the possibilities.

How to transfer my credit hours to foreign university?
Most of the Universities allows transfer of credit from one University to other. But there are some requirements mainly only credit hours associated with graduate courses for which a grade of B or better were obtained may be eligible for transfer. A copy of the catalog description of the course and an transcript showing completion of the course(s) and the grade received in the course (s) must be submitted with the plan of study.

Who is in the EU?
From 1st May 2004 the following countries are part of the European Union: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, and United Kingdom.

Is it advisable to take University accommodation or private accommodation?
It is advisable to take University accommodation as a new student you don’t have to hunt much for accommodation, don’t have to worry about landlords & contracts, no extra bills and mostly university accommodations are close in proximity to the place of study. However university accommodation has its own limitations the accommodation is slightly expensive, less space, limits things you do (throw parties and make noise) etc.

Does the University provide accommodation?
Accommodation is guaranteed for all international students. For more information check the university website.

What are the pre-requisite tests for admission into various programs of US universities?
TOEFL or IELTS for English proficiency, SAT for undergraduate level programs, GRE for MS programs and GMAT for Management-related programs like MBA.

For what other countries GMAT or GRE are required more often?
Most of the US universities or good Canadian good universities ask for these test. Other countries do not ask for this test based unless highly rated universities. Good academic record can get exemption too.

I couldn’t get admission for Master degree in Canada, what should I do?
Actually Master degree is more theoretical with mostly GMAT/GRE requirement so best option is Post Graduate level Diploma or Certificate which is designed more with as vocational study and easy to get admission for international student. Post study work is also available for both programs and PGD can be a pathway to master degree.



What is validity of IELTS test score?
IELTS test scores are valid for 2 years from test date

How can I register for the IELTS test?
We are an authorized center for Test Date booking for British Council and AEO and candidates can register through us to appear for the test.

My IELTS score is less than the university requirement. Can I still apply for the admission?
Yes you can, with an option of pursuing pre-sessional courses, foreign universities do some arrangement for such students. Ask us for details regarding specific country.

Do I need to fulfill IELTS / TOEFL requirement before applying?
If you are unable to submit the score card at the time of application, you would be offered a Conditional Offer of satisfactorily completing the IELTS / TOEFL requirement later.

Who should take the IELTS test?
Students applying to study in the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA. Medical professionals planning to work or follow further study in the UK, Australia or the US. People planning to emigrate to Canada, Australia or New Zealand.

What is Academic Module?
The Academic Reading and Writing Module assess whether a student is ready to study or train in the medium of English at an undergraduate or post graduate level.

Why do I need to take the IELTS test?
IELTS assesses your English language ability. A good score (usually 6.0 and above) is an entry requirement for many colleges and universities worldwide.

How can I register for the test?
To take the test with the British Council and AEO in Pakistan you can either register online/offline. SIEC is an authorized center for Test Date booking for British Council, AEO and candidates can register through SIEC in-order to appear for the test.

How much does the IELTS test cost and what is the advantage if I register for IELTS at SIEC offices?
The fee for IELTS test varies from time to time. Currently the fee is Rs 19000, if paid at The British Council offices and little bit varies if the fee is paid with a credit card. If you register for IELTS at any of the SIEC offices, you will get a discount as well.

How often can I take the IELTS test?
Candidates can repeat the test whenever they wish. It should be noted however that IELTS scores are not substantially improved merely by taking the test on multiple occasions. To significantly improve a score it is necessary to engage in further study of a serious nature. Gain score studies carried out under the IELTS funded research program indicate that scores are unlikely to improve dramatically without extensive English language tuition in the interim.

How and when will I get my results?
Results are normally declared in 13-14 days.

What is the mandatory level English (IELTS) in-order to apply for Australian student visa?
5 band s IELTS is a mandatory requirement for obtaining a student visa, in other cases where the student has less than 5 overall band score, then he/she might be required to take an English program for an entire year.

What do I need to bring with me to the test?
You need to bring your passport, hall ticket and stationery for all the modules of the test. If, you have registered online then you also need to bring a colure passport-sized photograph on the day of the test.

What is the format of the test?
The test has four parts:

  • Listening – 30 minutes
  • Reading – 1 hour
  • Writing – 1 hour
  • Speaking – 13 – 15 minutes

The Listening, Reading and Writing tests are all taken on the same day. The Speaking test can take place up to seven days before or after the other papers. It is usually within one day of the Listening, Reading and Writing tests at British Council Pakistan.
What is General Training Module? General Training is suitable for candidates who are going to English Speaking Countries to undertake work or for immigration purposes to Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

How long is the IELTS qualification valid?
Two years’ is the normal period of acceptance.
What are the helpful links for IELTS



When should I register for TOEFL and what is its process?
You have to register for the appointment of TOEFL test at least 3-4 months prior to the test date. As the seats will be filled up soon, you have to register your appointment as early as possible. An easy way to register for TOEFL test is by online. Besides, you also have other options to register by mail or by phone.

Who will administer the TOEFL?
TOEFL is written and administered by Educational Testing Service (ETS) of Princeton, New Jersey.

How many times can I take the TOEFL test?
You can take the test for as many times as you can. Your previous scores will be reported, but many colleges consider the higher and most recent score. However, many students retake the TOEFL test.

How much does the TOEFL cost and what is the advantage if I register with SIEC?
In Pakistan, students have to take Internet Based (iBT) TOEFL which costs US $165.When you register for TOEFL at any of the SIEC””s offices, you will get a concession of US $ 10 and have to just pay US $ 155 only.

Can I guess the answers for unconfident questions on the test?
Yes you can do it. There is no negative scoring in TOEFL for incorrect answers. Therefore, you shouldn’t leave any question unanswered. Make a clever guess to select the good option. It is best to eliminate the options that you are sure that are incorrect and then select among the remaining choices.

When is the TOEFL administered?
In many areas, TOEFL will be administered once every month. Consult the local Prometric Center in your city or contact their Regional Registration Center in Gurgaon for the test dates in your areas.

Can I change my test date after receiving my confirmation ticket?
No, it is not possible to change the test date after receiving the confirmation ticket. You have to freshly apply for the new appointment of the test. You may then request a partial refund for the first paid registration fee, within 60 days of the original test date.

Is TOEFL-iBT test much complicated to answer?
The test uses an entirely new approach. It measures the ability of integrating English skills and to communicate about what you read and hear. However, the reading and listening sections are not dramatically changed. The test has newly introduced a test of speaking, where test takers will be assessed their English speaking abilities.



Who Can Take GRE?
Anyone who wants to pursue a master”s course in a US university in any stream other than management, law or medicine.
Does one have to be a graduate for taking the GRE? Not necessarily. However, to do a master’s course, one has to be a graduate in any stream.

How often can I take the exam?
GRE can be taken any number of times, since it is a computer-based test. Normally the test is conducted once in a month.
Which score will the college consider when I have scores from more than two tests? Universities consider the best score.
When is the exam held? The exam is held in different cities across Pakistan at on all working days. For more details log onto

How can one register?
You can register by phone or submit the form physically at their centre. When registering through the phone, keep your passport and international credit card number ready, along with the expiry date.

What is the cost of the exam?
The charges for the GRE General Test are revised frequently, payable to “ETS-GRE” in US dollars. For recent rate see

What happens if one postpones the exam date?
If you postpone the exam at least seven days before your scheduled date, you would have to pay an additional fee to reschedule else the entire fees is forfeited.

How soon do I get my score?
You will see your score the moment you finish the exam, but official scores takes 21 days to reach the student.

What happens if I cancel the exam?
After taking the exam, you are given the choice of cancelling your score without seeing it. If you do so, the score is lost forever but it gets reported on all subsequent score charts that you had cancelled an exam.

How do I pass on my score to the college?
The universities only accept official scores sent directly by ETS. Scores to four colleges can be sent free of cost, while taking the exam. Subsequently, for each score report sent to a college, you would have to pay ETS $ 20.

How important is the GRE score in helping secure scholarships for graduate studies?
The GRE score, your past academic record and your application materials play a vital part towards securing not only admission, but also a possible scholarship.

What is percentile?
If you get 85 percentile it would mean 85 % of the students taking the exam in the past five years are below you and 15% are equal to or above you.

What is the GRE subject test?
The GRE subject tests are specialized tests, to be taken only if your university asks for it.



What are the requirements for the GMAT?
There are no education or nationality requirements. Any person disposed to pay the test fee can take the GMAT.

Are calculators allowed in the test?
No, calculators are not allowed on test day.

To whom GMAT is required?
All the students seeking admission into MBA and other management-related programs in USA, UK, Canadian, New Zealand, or Australian universities are required to take GMAT test.

What is the Maximum Time Limit of the Test?
The maximum time limit of GMAT test appointment is about 4 Hours. This includes two interval breaks for five-minutes, which are scheduled during the test administration. The time allowed for these breaks cannot be exceeded.

When are the Test Scores Available for the Applicant?
Informally you can get the test scores instantly after completion of the test, excluding the writing analysis section. The authorized GMAT score report will be mailed to you within two weeks after the test.

About Additional Score Report?
You can request for Additional Score Report either by Phone, or Fax, or Mail and you have to pay US $28 per university. If you haven’t registered online for the test, then you should submit your request by phone, fax, or mail for sending your scores to schools.

To whom the GMAT requirements are waived?
Some colleges/universities may waive the GMAT requirement if the applicant meets the following criteria:

  • Hold an undergraduate degree in business administration, engineering or science from an appropriately accredited institution.
  • Have earned an upper division (last 60 credits) undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 or better.
  • Have at least 4 years of managerial experience.

When can I take the GMAT?
As GMAT is a computer based test. You can make an appointment to take the exam at almost any time at the testing center nearer to you.

What does the GMAT measure?
GMAT test measures the basic verbal, quantitative, and analytical writing skills in the test takers, which are developed in their education and work.

  • Verbal section measures the competence of understanding and assessing the topic and also the competence of identifying the fundamental conventions of standard written English.
  • Quantitative section measures basic mathematical skills, elementary concepts, and quantitative reasoning skills.
  • Writing section measures your ability to think critically and communicate complex ideas in writing.

What does GMAT scores forecast?
GMAT scores are the good source to forecast the academic performance of the applicant in the first year of their management program. The median correlation between GMAT scores and first-year grades was 0.51 (perfect correlation is 1.0). The median correlation between undergraduate grade point average and first-year grades was 0.28. Thus, GMAT scores are usually a good option to forecast the applicant’s performance in the first year of the management program.



What is SAT?
Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is designed for students who wish to pursue their further education at the Bachelor’s (Undergraduate) level.

How many types of SATs are there?
There are two types – one is the SAT I Reasoning Test and the other is SAT II Subject Test (in 20 subjects)

What is the difference between SAT Reasoning test and Subject test?
SAT reasoning test can determine your abilities in applying your knowledge learnt from the school. It evaluates your abilities in analyzing and problem solving. SAT scores are used for college admissions, as the test forecasts the accomplishment of college education. Whereas, SAT subject test is a one-hour preliminary multiple choice test on a particular subject area. It determines the abilities of the applicant on a specific subject area and the abilities in applying that knowledge.

Do I have to take SAT Reasoning test or Subject test?
To know which test you have to take, contact the college/university in which you are seeking admission, to determine the type of tests and application deadlines. Many colleges ask for SAT Reasoning test for admission purposes, while a few colleges require Subject tests and some colleges do not require any tests at all!

Will the essays be assessed by the colleges?
Colleges can see a copy of the essay when you send an official score report to that college. They use the writing scores for the admissions decisions and possibly for the placement in English composition or related courses. Check how the colleges make use of your scores.

What kind of essay will be asked to write in SAT exam?
In the essay writing you will be asked to write on a particular issue and support them with examples from your studies and experience. It doesn’t require any prior knowledge to write the essays.

What are the difference between SAT and PSAT/NMSQT?
Both the SAT and PSAT/NMSQT are the standardized test that determines the reasoning skills in critical reading, quantitative reasoning, and writing. PSAT/NMSQT includes actual SAT questions, but it is little easier than SAT. SAT scores are used for college admissions, whereas PSAT/NMSQT scores are used to now the feedback on the areas in which you could improve. PSAT/NMSQT gives you a chance to qualify for scholarship and recognition programs <>and is the best practice for the SAT.

Can I Retake the SAT exam again?
You can take the SAT test as many times as you can. Your official score report shows your current test score other than the scores of 6 SAT and 6 subject test administrations.

Who develops the questions on the SAT and subject tests?
The questions on the SAT and Subject tests are developed by high school teachers, college professors and other educational assessment specialists. The test development council ensures that the tests are consistent with curriculum standards.

What does SAT scores measures in the students?
It measures your ability in preparing for the college-level academics. It allows college administrations to evaluate your college compliance with other applicants in a consistent manner. Since all scores are reported on the scale of 200-800.

How are SAT scores reported?
The scores of SAT are derived from three sections of the test, each on the scale of 200-800. Two sub-scores are given for the writing section – one for multiple choice sub-score on the scale of 20-80, another for essay sub-score on the scale of 2-12

How to know more information regarding the test results?
Every student who has taken the SAT exam have free access to the SAT official website, where you can get all the information about your test and other details like, types of questions, level of difficulty, and number of correct, incorrect, or omitted answers you have answered in each section.

What Is The Time Limit Of The Test?

  • SAT : 3Hrs and 45Mins
  • PSAT/NMSQT: 2Hrs and 10Mins

Does the whole SAT has only multiple choice questions? Besides multiple choice questions, SAT contains a 25-minute written essay. The test also has 10 student-produced response math questions, where you have to fill in, or “grid-in” the answers through a specific section of the answer sheet.